Stubborn maybe, but a heart full of gold                                

The stabijhoun is a happy, affectionate dog which learns quickly. His aptitude for learning, however does not mean an easy ride for his owner. Hi is just as likely to quickly learn the wrong things! When you want to teach something to a stabijhoun it has to be remembered that this breed cannot always easily be convinced. It is due to his innate independence or is it just his occasional stubbornness? In any case his owner will have to be consistent right from the start, and that means from the age of 8 weeks. Otherwise he will decide everything for himself. Training sessioin may well be a challenge for an owner but the rewards will be evident.

The stabijhoun`s versatility means that he is suitable for hunting trials and tracking, an sports such as fly-ball and agility are also perfect activities to use put his energy. Some stabijhoun`s do well in obedience classes bit this is not generally where their hearts lie. Hi is at hies best when given the opportunity to exploit his happy and independent personality.

Although the stabijhoun is lively an friendly he is generally reserved with strangers, but once he gets to know you he will be your friend for life.

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BEHAVIOUR/TEMPERAMENT : The Stabijhoun guard the yard and keeps it free of mice and rats. The previously common larger type Stabijhoun pulled the milk carts, while the smaller type made his name as a professional mole catcher. This talent made the Stabijhoun popular with the poorer farmers and farmhands. The moleskins were worth a lot of money as linings for the wrists of sleeves and other items. The Stabijhoun was carried in a basket on the bike so that they could cover long distances. The Stabijhoun is very independent and likes to go his own way. The Stabijhoun is affectionate but can also be very headstrong. Patience and a consistent education are essential. In the house or in the yard, the Stabijhoun is a quiet but vigilant dog. With strangers or in unfamiliar situations, Stabijhoun may be reserved at first, but should not be afraid.