Stabyhoun Club of Finland maintains the stud list and the club members can inform if they wish their dogs on the list. Stabijhoun breed has a breeding advice program which means that there has to be certain health issues in a scale given: HD lowist is C, ED lowist is 1 and from 1.1.2018 per dog is allowed to have maximum of 21 puppies/dog. Breeding advice committee has also decided that the male that is taken to the list has to be at least 24months old, it must have been tested for von Willebrand type 1 or proven genetically free, Celebral Dysfunction Stabijhoun and it must have at least G result from a dogshow. Also you must have filled a healt query on the male which can be found from the Saksanseisojakerho ry:n health query

If you wish to enter your dog on the stud list please do fill the APPLICATION FOR STUDDOG, thank you.