Breeders membership

Breeders membership is ment for those members of our club that which to have breeders membership.

As a breeder member of our club you receive:

  • Your Kennels details on our homepage
  • Litter advertisement on our homepage
  • Free of charge to sent an application for approval of a combination when using a male from abroad (non-member fee 40€/application)
  • Clubs membership for new puppy owner for 10€ for the first year
  • Clubs membership for imported puppy (as long as you are also the owner) and its new co-owner  for 10€ for the first year
  • Free folders for new puppy owner which include leaflets of the clubs membership as well as a short description of the illnesses within the breed

Please fill the form below in order to receive the membership benefits and messages.

Welcome as our breeder member!