The breeder must be members of Stabyhoun Club of Finland and have to breed by the code of conduct of that have been set byt the Finnish Kennel Club and Stabyhoun Club of Finland.  The breeder must have signed FKCs' (Finnish Kennel Club) breeders commitment and the breeder must breed on the rules of the breeding strategy.

The Club doesn't get involved in the combinations the breeders decides on and the breeders take full responsibility on their choices on breeding. The breeder must follow the valid PEVISA program (Programme for Combating Hereditary Diseases and Defects).

The breeding committee has decided that it will take on to the clubs litter list (born & planned) litters that fulfill the following things ; the dam and sire are 24 months old, they have been tested for vwd1, CDs and have a dogshow result with a minimum result of G (good).

If the breeder who is the member of our club wants to inform on the litter list combinations that are planned, or already born litters, please do fill the form below.