The aim of the committee is to breed and keep up the ability of a Stabijhoun to be a hunting dog as well as activate the club members with hunting hobbies.

The breed is a hunting dog and the way Stabijhoun acts when hunting might differ from other hunting dogs. The committee aims to help and instruct and train the members -experienced in hunting or beginners- that are aiming to use Stabijhoun as a hunting dog the way Stabijhoun act when hunting. The committee organizes hunting lectures as well as training sessions for the members. The motto is " Stabijhoun is happiest when it gets to go hunting with its person"

Risto Kääriäinen, risto.kaariainen (at)
Juha Pihlajamäki, (at)
Mikael Wiren, mikael (at)
Jussi Leppänen, leppasenjussi (at)